Vernissage, December 30th, 2018 at Goodnight Antwerp

Vernissage, October 26th, 2018 at Viggo's, Antwerpen

Secrets Untold I Stories Unwritten


How deep lies a secret? How many layers of thoughts and memories do you have to dig up before you can share it? And how many layers of script and paint are necessary to tell and yet to disguise?


This series plays with hiding and exposing thoughts 'off the record' that are first openly written out, pen on paper, for everyone to see. Yet through the crossing and intersecting of the lines, the naked text becomes eventually unreadable. Here, multi-layered handwriting tells and covers, shows and blurs at the same time. While the meaning of the script remains fixed on the paper, the letters, morphemes, words and sentences eventually transition into a camouflage pattern, which is hardly decodable by reading. Is this process ceasing the secret, or does its meaning remain within the transformed appearance? Are these new structures random, or isn’t there after all a certain regularity – hinting to a repetitiveness and traceability, even in our seemingly most outstanding stories?