It's urgent.. 


This series is dedicated to the challenging, yet amazing perception of creative urgency. Without this sense of Eureka probably few pieces of contemporary art would be created because any picture could be painted, any poem could be written, any music could be composed tomorrow. These strange impressions of intensity and urgency occur almost daily and yet are hard to get a hold of. So how can their saturation, spontaneity and density be translated them onto paper? To turn every square centimeter into a little “unit of intensity” paint and undiluted pigments get poured, sprinkled or smeared with bare hands. How can the strongest perceivable colors be painted – which red for instance is truly 'consuming'? The darkest gouache or ink won’t cover as much as an acrylic paint or multi-layered oil, so is the expression of intensity simply a matter of material choices? Or does it have to do with the blast of energy while trying to paint something that's actually invisible?